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Structural Glazing Systems - Transparent Point Supported Glazing Systems

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“Less is More” with Structural Glazing Systems – in other words Less Structure provides More Transparency.  The use of Structural Glazing Systems started in Europe over the past 20 years. In the late 1990’s, the United States adopted this design path and building owners and architects have increasingly demanded more from glass in terms of performance and structural capabilities. Today, glass can be cantilevered and structured in numerous configurations allowing unlimited design freedom.

Let us help you determine the appropriate glazing system for your project. From Point-Supported Glass (PSG) to Glass Fin-Wall to Truss and Cable Net Walls, there are many price points and glazing solutions available for any given design challenge. The key to the proper selection of structural glazing systems is to thoroughly review all of the types available. An important investment requires a wide range of approaches to culminate in a solution that pleases all of the stakeholders in the design process.

The main component of all of these systems is the glass strength. With limited engagement or support, we highly recommend Glass Strength Analysis for every application. Wind, Snow, and Drift Loads are used to determine the proper thickness of the glass and guide the fabricator with providing proper locations and sizes of supports. By doing this, the glass is engineered to perform properly and greatly reduce the possibility of glass failure. With custom designed systems it is prudent to properly test all of the system’s componentry with a physical mock-up. Testing at an independent laboratory, per AAMA and ASTM methods, provides physical validation to the theoretical assumptions of engineering.

We look forward to assisting you with your next project with structural glazing requirements. “Less is More” also holds true to pricing. With less materials providing the maximum transparency desired, there comes a hefty price tag. Let us help you maximize the investment spent – the most expensive system is not always the best-suited system for the application.


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Find out More about our Structural Glazing Systems


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