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Building Integrated Photovoltaics, or BIPV, provide the integration of Photovoltaics within the Building Skin. BIPV is an ideal candidate for both new buildings and retrofit applications, as the building skin provides many opportunities for harvesting the sun’s power. Unlike solar arrays which are placed on top of the roof, BIPV is part of the building skin, reducing material waste and optimizing maximum efficiencies. Furthermore, most rooftop PV arrays are forever hidden from view. BIPV systems proudly showcase an environmentally “green” consciousness’. For schools and community centers, the solar array can become an educational tool for students. For commercial applications the building owner can be proud of its social and environmental stewardship through its public relations efforts.

We offer PV panels (monocrystalline or thin film) for use in our canopy systems, skylight systems, curtainwall, or sunshades. Super Sky Products provides a UL listed assembly for assurance of a properly designed system. We provide complete array assembly with wiring connections for final hook-up by the electrician. Although PV panel warranties vary, the industry standard is for 20 years of power output with minimal reduction of power generation. Super Sky provides a 10-year warranty against defective design, workmanship, materials, and leakage for all systems.

Skylights (new and existing) provide a perfect platform for photovoltaic panels. The ideal placement of a PV system is a 30 degree slope facing south to maximize power generation. Skylight Systems can be designed to incorporate solar panels where you want them (facing south) and glazed with glass in areas you don’t want them (facing east and north). Let us work with you to provide a skylight system that harvests the sun’s energy and light to provide a skylight system that accomplishes the following:

  1. Maximizes power output during peak demand hours.
  2. Proper placement of solar cells will greatly minimize solar heat gain.
  3. Standard IGU glazing maximizes natural indirect light transmission to minimize costly artificial interior lighting.
  4. Provides a payback in a matter of a few years.
  5. Using the renewable energy of the sun.

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