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Metal Framed Skylights - Custom Metal Framed Skylighting Systems

Metal Framed Skylighting Systems Metal Framed Skylights and Skylighting Systems by Bleecker Associates are specifically designed to provide Commercial and Residential Buildings and their occupants all the benefits of natural daylight and transparency. By utilizing our Metal Framed Skylights to showcase interior spaces designed for common gathering, employee workspaces, patient care, educational and athletic activities, you will be integrating State-of-the-Art Architectural Systems into your State-of-the-Art facility.

There have been numerous programs and studies on the benefits of Metal Framed Skylights and natural daylighting; including, the Public Interest Energy Research (PIER) program and the Heschong Mahone Group human performance analysis. These and other studies have documented the positive effects of Metal Framed Skylights and natural light on retail sales, employee effectiveness, student productivity & learning, plus more.

 Beyond the monetary and productivity issues, numerous studies have also shown the installation of Metal Framed Skylights, which allow greater access to natural light, have a profound effect on our internal biochemistry; including, improved mood, reduced stress, and fewer health complaints from employees, students, athletes, hospital staff, and doctor patients.

Metal Framed Skylights – Green Buildings – LEED Rating System

As Building Owners, Architects, and Project Managers continue to focus on the "green movement" and specific requirements for LEED ® certified buildings, we will continue to offer Metal Framed Skylight systems which provide a healthy, sustainable, and affordable vehicle for adherence to these stringent guidelines. The Metal Framed Skylights provided by Bleecker will enhance will enhance indoor environmental (LEED ® credit 8.1) by bringing natural light into the interior spaces of your building. In addition to using recycled content, our Metal Framed Skylights are specifically designed to decrease electrical load during peak demand periods. 

Architectural Skylight Systems – Bleecker Associates

Bleecker Associates is proud of our 40 years of Metal Framed Skylight experiences and technical knowledge related to a wide variety of Custom Skylighting Systems for numerous Commercial and Residential building projects. We offer technical design assistance, quality Metal Framed Skylight evaluations, and specific guidance concerning skylight orientations on the building, proper glazing and finish performance, and budgetary analysis.

Our skylight manufacturers provide factory authorized installation and industry leading warranties against leakage, defective materials, and workmanship. Properly executed from start to finish, Metal FramedSkylights provide a long lasting and cost-effective solution to providing natural light and decreasing electric generated artificial light. Our Services also include repair and replacement options for existing Metal Framed Skylights.

Metal Framed Skylight Manufacturers

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