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Zetian Glazing Systems - Bleecker Associates specializes in the design, engineering, and manufacturing of Unitized Curtain Wall, Window Wall, and other Architectural Products & Specialties. Architects and designers today have numerous options available to them in creating a building’s exterior. As new and ongoing developments in material technology continue to expand, previously unachievable designs using glass as a structural element are now a reality in the industry.

Our specialty is unitizing systems - providing environmentally controlled fabrication processes to insure improved performance in the field, while lowering the cost of field labor. Our Systems have been recognized for converting the million square-foot Fontainebleau high rise condo tower from window wall to unitized curtain wall - unitized complex systems.

 Architects continue to push the envelope in the use of specialized glass to design elegant, strong, and enduring facades. Curtain Wall and Window Wall systems allow for a building’s exterior to be installed quickly, while keeping the architect’s vision intact - as well as remaining within budget. By incorporating different elements into the curtain wall and window wall designs, Our Glazing Systems provide Building owners and managers systems that conform to even the most complex exterior designs.

Structural Glazing allows for a flush surface and can take several forms; such as, glass Fin Systems, Truss systems, or Cable Tensioned Systems. These different forms allow for the design’s expression in a number of different ways by creating large areas of open vision, elegant structural profiles, and complex geometries that balance surrounding construction. Structural glazing invites natural light into any building project in new and dynamic ways.

Glazing Systems - Unitized Curtain Wall - Point Supported Glass Systems

Some of Our Glazing Systems and Major Product Lines include:

Unitized Curtain Wall Systems
Window Wall Systems
Point Supported and Cable Truss Systems - vertical and horizontal
Handrails - Balustrades – glass and metal
Sliding Glass Doors and Windows
Architectural Glass – laminated, insulating, low E coatings and custom frits
Metal panels and cladding
Louvers and Sunscreens
Custom engineered Architectural Elements

Custom Designed Glazing Systems

Our suppliers provide in-house design and engineering teams combined with various fabrication centers to produce materials and systems equal to or surpassing the quality standards of other world-class suppliers. Our Systems offers both in-house design and engineering services; in addition to, complete full service purchasing, expediting, logistics, and shipping. All of our custom designed glazing systems and materials are delivered to the job site under supplier supervision.

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