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Whether your Canopy requirement is for a high-end best of class canopy system or a simple pre-engineered aluminum walkway cover – or something in between, Bleecker Associates provides solutions for all types of canopies. Canopies are a key architectural statement for the building entrance and provide shelter and safety to building occupants and visitors when inclement weather strikes, reducing liability to the building owner and tenant.

Framed Canopies are increasingly used as key markers on buildings providing a key visual beacon that is readily identifiable for both visitors and employees.

Bleecker Associates offers Architectural Canopy Systems which include Point-Supported Glass, Laminated Glass, Aluminum Plate, FRP sandwich panels, Photovoltaic panels, or Polycarbonate Glazing in an Aluminum Skylight System to provide transparency or natural translucent light to canopies large or small. Aluminum Plate or Photovoltaic panels can also be utilized to provide unique cladding options in lieu of other more conventional roofing and building materials.

Aluminum Framed Canopies - Walkway Covers - Pre-Engineered Aluminum Canopies

For a more economical Architectural Canopy or Walkway Cover, consider a Dittmer Architectural Aluminum Pre-Engineered Aluminum-Framed Canopy or Walkway Cover.  These systems come with multiple roof cladding options – including extruded aluminum deck, clear or translucent acrylic, and polycarbonate glazing.  These Architectural Canopies are cost-effective turnkey options for an all-aluminum structure with internal drainage built in. These canopies are also designed and built for longevity and are resistant to hail, hurricane wind loads and can support man loads.  Furthermore, Dittmer also offers numerous options for customizing a canopy or walkway cover to meet your client’s needs.

Let Bleecker Associates assist you with creative assistance, material selection and budgetary guidance for your next Canopy or Walkway Cover requirement.


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