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Dittmer Aluminum Canopies - Dittmer Architectural Aluminum Systems is a family owned business, headquartered in Florida, dedicated to preserving the reputation for quality and its position as one of the leaders in the Aluminum Walkway and Aluminum Canopy industry.

Aluminum Walkway Covers and Aluminum Canopies, manufactured by Dittmer Architectural Aluminum, are fabricated entirely of anodized aluminum extrusions. Understructures consist of heli-arc welded one-piece rigid bents and the deck of interlocking anodized aluminum extrusions.

Dittmer’s Aluminum Walkways and Aluminum Canopies are expertly designed and built for longevity. These Aluminum Covers and are resistant to hail, hurricane wind loads, and can also support man loads. Dittmer's Extruded Aluminum Walkway Covers and Aluminum Canopies enhance office, school, hospital and other institutional architectural areas, while having the added benefit of being totally maintenance free.

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Aluminum Canopies are cost-effective turnkey options for projects requiring an all-aluminum structure with a built-in internal drainage system. The internal drainage system contributes to the uncluttered beauty of Dittmer’s carefully designed and engineered systems. Walt Dittmer, Jr., originally developed this internal draining, interlocking extruded aluminum deck system in 1961. Dittmer’s deck system would be unlike its roll-formed counterpart. The Aluminum System would be extruded with a minimum .060 wall thickness and withstand hurricane winds, hail, and human walk weight. The system drains internally through common weep holes at the column's base.

In addition, Dittmer Architectural Aluminum’s in-house chromate conversion coating facility, electrostatic paint-line, and specialized ovens offer architects and construction managers considerable finish options on their next construction or building project. Aluminum Walkway Covers are installed with multiple roof cladding options – including extruded aluminum deck, clear or translucent acrylic, and polycarbonate glazing.

 From Aluminum System design and engineering services to fabrication, finishing, and delivery of your Extruded Aluminum Systems, Dittmer Architectural Aluminum is the smart choice for Aluminum Systems, Aluminum Walkway Covers, and Aluminum Canopies on your next construction or building project.

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