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Aluminum is the perfect material for interior and exterior building components. Aluminum provides a light-weight,low maintenance, relatively inexpensive material that is easy to extrude in many shapes and profiles - and it is 100% recyclable.

Bleecker Associates offers a wide selection of Aluminum Specialty Systems & Products; such as, Photoluminescent Egress Systems, Stair Nosings, Expansion Joint Covers, Walk-off Mats and Floor Grids, Trench and Access Covers, Aluminum Grates & Frames, and more. Each of these specialty items provided by Balco, Inc. plays a key part in the function, structural performance, and safety of the finished building or addition.

Our 10 plus years of experience with these systems allows us to provide superior technical guidance with Expansion Joint Covers. With thousands of interior and exterior expansion joint models available for multiple joint widths, many thermal and seismic movement conditions, fire ratings 2 hours and 4 hours, we offer the knowledge and services for proper product selection. Our expansion joint covers are capable of complementing any wall and floor finish on the market. Our expertise will help guide you in the selection of what system to use within the project’s budgetary guidelines.

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Bleecker Associates also offers an Aluminum Clear-Span Framing System for decorative and large span applications. The aluminum spaceframe was developed and commercialized in the 1970’s and Conservatek developed a monolithic aluminum framing system in the 1990’s. Conservatek offers both systems and a hybrid system to minimize structural depth and greatly diminish loads for infill projects (enclosing courtyards), stadium, convention, and sports arena covers. A spaceframe or clearspan system can be clad with roofing systems, tensioned fabric, aluminum plate, or one of the many glazing systems we also represent. Spaceframes also provide a decorative structural element to any canopy system.

On some projects, Aluminum Spaceframes are chosen for their light weight and their ability to evenly distribute structural loads on existing structures, or in cases where the structural depth is limited due to dimensional constraints.

Conservatek offers exceptional preliminary engineering, detailing, and project planning services to provide you with a system to meet budgetary and aesthetic requirements. Whether the need is vertical or horizontal, Conservatek’s approach to structuring space creatively, can be a real asset to your next project.

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