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Conservatek Aluminum Roof Systems - Bleecker Associates is proud to represent Conservatek Industries - a leader in the design and manufacturing of Aluminum Domes and Metal Roofing Systems. Conservatek’s Architectural Domes and Metal Roofing Systems are designed and manufactured to provide architects, building owners, and construction managers a broad, dynamic range of roof, vertical wall, and glazing systems.

Conservatek Industries has built its worldwide reputation in the area of Aluminum Domes and Metal Roofing Systems by building upon the proven technology, engineering services, and manufacturing excellence expected of their products and services. From Customized Skylight Enclosures, Airport Terminals, Sports Arenas, and Convention Centers to Museums, Libraries, Churches, and a multitude of other Commercial Building Projects, Conservatek’s Aluminum Domes and Metal Roofing Systems are known for Quality, Elegance, and Style.

Conservatek specializes in the design, manufacturing, and construction of Clear Span industrial and architectural enclosures known for economy, durability, and reliability. Their Clear Span architectural enclosure systems use single and double layer aluminum framing systems.  Cladding options include: skylight systems, point-supported glass, building integrated photovoltaic (BIPV) panels, polycarbonate, FRP translucent sandwich panels, aluminum panels, as well as, architectural metal roofing systems and built-up EPDM roofing systems. In addition, their expert skill in the area of complex geometries provides building owners and architects limitless design freedom. 

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Bleecker Associates and Conservatek Industries offers clients a variety of Architectural Domes and Roof Systems.

Their single layer Aluminum Systems are offered as either an integral structural glazing system or support framing for roof and insulation systems. Conservatek’s Alumadome™ are used for double curvature overhead projects and can be customized to span in excess of 500 feet and developed to a broad range of shapes. Footprint building applications include ellipsoidal, oval, circular, and rectangular.

Conservatek’s patent pending Stadiaform™ double layer Space Frame System offers building owners and architects unmatched design strength and a variety of low profile building envelopes. These premier systems combine the design advantages of aluminum with the strength rewards of double layer configurations. In addition, Stadiaform™ systems offer a variety of surface finishes, acoustic treatments, insulation systems, and are capable of conforming to a variety of building footprints, accommodating spans in excess of 600 feet.

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