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Reynolds Technology - Acrylic Glazing Systems - Reynolds Polymer Technology Inc. is the exclusive manufacturer, fabricator, designer, and installer of R-Cast™ Acrylic and Resin-Based Products. Reynolds utilizes an advanced acrylic casting process and their proprietary R-Cast™ Acrylic to consistently break new ground in the design and fabrication of acrylic products. This process enables better optical and thermoforming properties, thus permitting greater design flexibilities.

The installation of Cast Acrylic Panels demands a certain level of technical expertise. On a typical building project or special installation, the unique location and type of installation requires creative problem solving and artistic finesse. The project managers at Bleecker Associates and Reynolds Technology constantly work closely with construction companies, contractors, and other project managers to effectively and efficiently achieve the desired results.

While other manufacturers will laminate multiple, thinner acrylic sheets together, each specific project at Reynolds is custom cast to the required thickness. As a full-service acrylic manufacturer, Reynolds cuts and ships all off-the-shelf orders of R-Cast™ acrylic sheet, rod, and tube. All custom manufactured R-Cast™ acrylic can be turned into intricate designs using computer control routers, table saws, and other means of fabrication and finishing. Reynolds’s five-axis CNC machine lets them cut and customize a client’s design in every direction physically possible in order to obtain the desired 3D result.

An integral part of many custom designs is the bonding process. Reynolds Technology has developed a process to chemically bond acrylic structures and create a nearly seamless adhesion while maintaining close to the original strength of the original material. The Acrylic Bonding process is critical for projects of certain shapes or sizes that traditional customized casts would not be able to achieve.

Reynolds Polymer Technology Inc – Cast Acrylic Glazing – Acrylic Fabrication

Reynolds Polymer Technology Inc. has played an integral part on some of the most challenging construction design projects both in the United States and around the world. Some of their Specialized Cast Acrylic Materials include:

R-Cast Acrylic Sheet

R-Cast Ice Acrylic Panels

R-Cast Texture Architectural Panels

R-Cast Mirage Custom Image Architectural Panels

R-Cast Dura Fireproof Architectural Panels

R-Cast Architectural Acrylic Rod

R-Cast Architectural Acrylic Tube

Bleecker Associates is proud to be associated with Reynolds Polymer Technology Inc., as they continuously reinvent the definition of what can be done with acrylic, resins, and composites.

All References to R Cast are proprietary R-Cast™ brands of Reynolds Polymer Technology Inc.

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